• Duo del Gesú

    Founded in 2010 by the French violinist Arnaud Kaminski and the Polish violist Krzysztof Tymendorf, the group Duo del Gesú won the first prize at the 25th Young Musician International Competition “Città di Barletta”. This success in Italy sparked off the international career of the group including performances all over the world, invitations to international festivals, congresses, and seminars, teaching in music workshops, and jury participation at music competitions. The artists—laureates of numerous international competitions, scholarships and prizes—mastered their skills in Paris, Vienna, Gdańsk and Göteborg, which encompassed study with such chamber music luminaries as Eberhard Feltz, and the quartets, Apollon Musagète Quartett and Quatuor Ebène. Eclectic and ever hungry for new ideas, they have worked with, amongst others, Christoph Hartmann (Berliner Philharmoniker), Bertrand Braillard (Orchestre national dÎle-de- France), Giuseppe Nova, Janusz Wawrowski, Joanna Woś, Tytus Wojnowicz, Mateusz Smoczyński, Antoine de Grolée, Maciej Gański, Bartosz Koziak, and NeoQuartet, as well as with the icon of Polish electronic music Władysław “Gudonis” Komendarek.
    Duo del Gesù attach particular importance to undiscovered classical-period works. This period is characterized by an untapped legacy of compositions combining the violin with the viola by such composers as Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni, Louis-Charles Ragué, Ignaz Pleyel and the “Paganini of the viola” Alessandro Rolla. In addition, the group performs contemporary and the very latest music including premieres of works dedicated to it by Polish and foreign composers, most notably, Thomas Emmanuel Cornelius, Maximilian Kreuz, Stephan Kühne, Tadeusz Dixa, Ewa Miriam Saczko, Kamil Cieślik, Gunnar Karel Màsson.
    From 2012 Duo del Gesù serve as the artistic directors of the Gdańsk Euro Chamber Music Festival, which has been awarded the prestigious 2017-2020 EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) label. The group also conceived of the Baltic Music Workshops [Nadbałtyckie Warsztaty Muzyczne] and the Baltic Coast String Duets Competition [Nadbałtycki Konkurs  Duetów Smyczkowych], a unique event in Europe for string duets whose aim is to promote young talent as well as the dissemination of duet repertoire.
  • Programs

    Works composed up to 1950.

    Johann Sebastian Bach
    • Inventions BWV 772-786
    • Little Preludes (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Goldberg Variations BWV 988 (transcription for Dymitr Sitkovetsky's string trio)
    Johannes Brahms
    • Hungarian dances No. 1, 2, 5 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Waltz opus 39 No. 15 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    Jean-Baptiste Bréval
    • Duos opus 19
    Max Bruch
    • Double concerto opus 88
    Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni
    • Duos opus 4, 25
    Jean-Baptiste Cartier
    • Potpourri patriote n°4
    Giuseppe Maria Cambini
    • Duos opus 5
    Frédéric Chopin
    • Nocturne No. 20 opus posthume (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Polonaise «Military» opus 40 No. 1 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    Pierre Crémont
    • Concert duets opus 12
    Claude Debussy
    • Moonlight from the Bergamasque Suite (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • A girl with flaxen hair from Préludes I livre (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Romantic waltz (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    Antonín Dvořák
    • Slavic dance opus 72 No. 2 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Humoresque opus 101 No. 7
    Robert Fuchs
    • Duos opus 60
    Georg Friedrich Haendel
    • Chaconne, HWV 435
    Michael Haydn
    • Duets, P.127-130
    Joseph Haydn
    • Sonates, Hob.VI:1-6
    Franz Anton Hoffmeister
    • Duos opus 7, 13, 19, 65
    Johan Halvorsen
    • Passacaglia
    • Sarabande con variazioni
    Marin Marais
    • Couplets de folies
    Bohuslav Martinů
    • 3 Madrigals, H.313
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Duets K.423, 424
    • 12 Duos K.487
    • Divertimento for string trio K.563
    Ignaz Pleyel
    • Grands Duets opus 69
    • Duos opus 4, 46
    Manuel Ponce
    • Sonata a duo
    Vaclav Pichl
    • Duos opus 18
    Louis Charles Ragué
    • Duos opus 11
    Alessandro Rolla
    • Serenata per violino e viola accordata una terza sotto
    • Sonata per viola con accompagnamento di violino
    Franz Schubert
    • Erlkönig D. 328 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Lob der Thränen D. 711 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    • Ständchen D. 957 (transcription by Duo del Gesù)
    Jean Sibelius
    • Duo
    Ludwig Spohr
    • Duo opus 13
    Carl Philipp Stamitz
    • Duos opus 10, 12, 18, 34

    Contemporary and latest music

    Maximilian Kreuz
    • Freie Variationen über "Brunnquell' aller Güter" Wv. 89 [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Stephan Kühne
    • Moment Musical [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Kamil Cieślik
    • A due ! [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Arnaud Kaminski / Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf
    • Exodus
    • Aurora
    • Vagues ritournelles
    Gunar Kàrel Masson
    • Flæði IX [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Ewa Miriam Saczko
    • Aforyzmy [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Tadeusz Dixa
    • Bagatele [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Thomas Emanuel Cornelius
    • Dawno temu [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Piotr Jędrzejczyk
    • Fraszka [dedication to Duo del Gesú]
    Krzysztof Penderecki
    • Ciaconna in memoriam Giovanni Paolo II
    Pascal Dusapin
    • Ohimé
    Mariusz Matuszewski
    • Duetti per violino e viola
    Witold Lutosławski
    • Bukoliki (transcription by Duo del Gesù)

    Repertoire with orchestra

    Carl Philipp Stamitz
    • Sinfonia concertante in D major
    Max Bruch
    • Double Concerto in E minor, opus 88
    Kurt Atterberg
    • Suite No. 3, opus 19 No. 1 for violin, viola and string orchestra
    Arthur Benjamin
    • Romantic Fantasy for violin, viola and small orchestra
    Georg Abraham Schneider
    • Sinfonia concertante in D major, opus 19
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Sinfonia concertante in E flat major K. 364
    Benjamin Britten
    • Double Concerto in B minor
    Anna Rocławska-Musiałczyk
    • Oblivion

  • Concerts

    • International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Wolsztyn

    - 7.01.2020
    • CHINA Tournée
    Concerts in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Nanking, Guangzhou
    • Austrian Cultural Forum, Warsaw, Poland
    • Barneville-Carteret, France
    • Organ-chamber concerts, Warsaw, Poland
    • II Biala Festival of Organ and Chamber Music, Biała Podlaska, Poland
    • IX Euro Chamber Music Festival, Gdańsk, Poland
    • 13th International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Łuków, Poland
    • VI Baltic String Duo Competition, Gdańsk, Poland
    • IV Baltic Music Workshops, Gdańsk, Poland
    • Polish Rising Music Stars, Gdańsk, Poland
    • 13th International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Kalisz, Poland
    • III Braniewska Organ Autumn in Braniewo, Poland

    • Château Yverdon-les-Bains
      Geneva, Switzerland
    • 1st Beskid Classic Festival "Cavatina Classics"
      Bielsko-Biała, Poland
    • Dworek Sierakowskich, Sopot, Poland
    • 17th Wörthersee Classics Festival
      Klagenfurt, Austria
    • 45th Anniversary of the Polish Institute in Vienna, Austria
      Szymon Nehring - piano
      Gdańsk, Poland
    • V Baltic String Duo Competition - jury
      Gdansk, Poland
    july 2019
    • 5. Music Festival
      5. Małopolska Talent Academy in Łąck, Poland
    • III Baltic Music Workshops
    • Spectrum Chamber Music Festival
      Ljubljana, Slovenie
    • XVI Alba Music Festival, Italy
    • Bergamo, Monastero del Carmine, (Włochy)
    • VII Lower Silesian Music Festival, Stronie Śląskie - Chapel of St. Onofrio, Poland
    •  V Chamber and Organ Music Festival of the Legionowski District 2019, Nieporęt, Poland
    • European Solidarity Center, Gdańsk

      Cappella Gedanensis, Magdalena Pawlisz - conductor, Arnaud Kaminski - violin, Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf - viola, Kurt Atterberg - Suite No. 3, op. 19 No. 1 for violin, viola and string orchestra (Polish premiere)

    • Jan Matejko's manor house, "Evenings with Stanisław Wyspiański", Cracow, Poland
    • Klagenfurt, Austria
    • 10th MAGfestival, Split, Croatia

    • Oliwa's Town Hall of Culture in Gdansk
    • Alba Music Festival, Italy
    • St. Catherine's Church in Gdańsk, 7. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    • St. Catherine's Church in Gdańsk, 7. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    • Baltic String Duo Competition in Gdansk
    • Baltic Music Workshops
    • Lower Silesian Music Festival
    • Władysławowo, 46. International Music Festival "Summer Organ and Chamber Concerts", Poland
    • Museum of Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński in Pran, forester, Poland
    • Cathedral in Pelplin, Poland
    • Koronowo, Poland
    • Concert at the Palace of Art in Krakow
    • 9th Puplinge Classique Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
    • Grande Chapelle du CAD in Coutances, France
    • Abbaye de Mondaye, France
    • Église Saint Clément in Cherbourg, France
    • Église in Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin, France
    • Festival Musiques à Pontorson, France
    - 21.10.2018
    • II Concerts in the Świdnica Region
    Gruszów - Makowice - Krzyżowa - Witoszów Dolny - Grodziszcze - Ślęza
    • Le Moulin d'Andé, France
    • University of Sorbonne in Paris
    • New Waves - 4th Festival of Contemporary Music, Gdansk, Poland

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  • 03.09.2017 Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Stary Wielisław
    Chamber concert as part of the Lower Silesian Music Festival
    13.08.2017 Church in Osseja, France
    Festival Itinerant de musica – Les cles du Classique
    16.07.2017 Church of St. Wojciech in Gdansk, 6. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    14.07.2017 Church of St. Joseph in Gdansk,
    6. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    02.07.2017 Drewniany Zabytkowy Kościół, Sierakowice, Poland
    7. Summer Chamber Music Festival
    29.06.2017 Dworek Sierakowskich in Sopot, chamber concert, Poland
    06.10.2016 Cremona, Italy, 43. International Viola Congress
    8.07.2016 Church of St. Wojciech in Gdansk, 5. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    19.06.2016 Kamieniec Palace, Chamber hall, Lower Silesian Music Festival, Poland
    18.06.2016 Roman catholic parish of St Urban I in Zielona Góra, Poland
    21.06.2015 Empik in Baltic Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
    21.06.2015 St. Catherine church in Gdansk,
    chamber concert „Wariat`s Variations”, 4. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    07.05.2015 Bari, Italy
    Chamber concert
    03.05.2015 Paris, France
    Chamber concert
    11.09.2013 Music Academy in Krakow, Concert hall,
    41. International Viola Congress, Poland
    10.09.2013 Krakow Culture Center, Camber concert, Poland
    05.07.2013 American Corner in Gdansk, Chamber concert „3M”
    01.07.2013 Uphagen's House in Gdansk, Chamber concert, Poland
    21.06.2013 Church of St. Nicolas in Gdansk, 2. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    18.05.2013 Gdansk Town Hall, chamber concert, Poland
    27.03.2013 The Great Mill in Gdansk, Poland
    Chamber concert „Mozart and his europe”
    26.03.2013 The Great Mill in Gdansk, Poland
    Chamber concert „Wien, Mannheim & Moravia”
    24.11.2012 Gdansk Town Hall, Chamber concert „Golden Baroque and Classic”, Poland
    20.11.2012 Gdansk Town Hall, Chamber concert „En vrac”, Poland
    24.09.2012 Gdansk Town Hall, Chamber concert „Golden Baroque and Classic”, Poland
    20.09.2012 Gdansk Town Hall, Chamber concert „En vrac”, Poland
    08.09.2012 Mariacka Street in Gdansk, Chamber concert, Poland
    18.07.2012 Cathedral in Pelplin, XIV International Organ Music Festival, Poland
    14.06.2012 Gdansk Town Hall, Chamber concert „Vienna in the center of Gdansk”, 1. Euro Chamber Music Festival, Poland
    07.06.2012 Dworek Sierakowskich in Sopot, Concert Hall, Poland
    16.02.2012 Austrian Culture Forum, Concert Hall in Warsaw, Poland
    05.06.2011 Top Trendy Sopot Festival
    Concert - Duo del Gesú, Honorata "Honey" Skarbek